8 anos


Min 6; Max 60


Paintball Gun+ Army uniform + mask + insurance


1h30 to 3h
(depending on package of balls and number of participants)


We play games for 6,7,8,9 or 10 players, that is, you can play 3 against 3, 4 against 3, 4 against 4, 5 against 4 or 5 against 5, thus respecting social distance. The equipment is cleaned and disinfected before each game and the use of a mask is mandatory. We can play games at night as our fields are lit up! We have 4 game scenarios; TANK Field, Favela da Rocinha, Nuclear Waste Field, World War II.


Meeting point in the parking lot of the Paintball fields at Rua Gil Eanes, Murches 2755-229 Alcabideche. Be on time as you will lose game time if the event is delayed.

Mandatory use of mask and bring your own water bottle from home

Paintball Prices

Nº of players200 ball package
Duration aprox. 2h
300 ball package
Duration aprox. 2h30
400 ball package
Duration aprox. 3h
628€/per 168€ total
31€/per 186€ total
35€/per 210€ total
727€/per 189€ total
30€/per 210€ total
34€/per 238€ total
826€/per 208€ total
29€/per 232€ total
33€/per 264€ total
925€/per 225€ total
28€/per 252€ total
32€/per 288€ total
10+24€/per 240€+ total
27€/per 270€+ total
31€/per 310€+ total

PLAY-AT-Home Events: We take the Event to your home/disposable land, ask for a quote here